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Welcome to Tiny Tower Guide!

Tiny Tower Guide is the leading guide on the internet for one of the most addictive games on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod: Tiny Tower! We strive to bring you the latest and most update to date information!

Tiny Tower 1.4!Posted on September 17th 2011
A new version of Tiny Tower has been released. Make sure you update your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, to make sure you are running on the latest (and best) version: Tiny Tower 1.4.

Three residential floors were released:
  • Anti Grov Apartments
  • Submarine Apartments
  • Tiki Apartments
There are also five new commercial floors:
  • Pancake House
  • Grocery Store
  • Security Office
  • Karaoke Club
  • Laboratory
You can find their statistics and information on the Stores & Stock List. These floors require longer restock times, but supply more items and subsequently earn more money than previous shops. You'd be lucky to get one of these in early development of your tower!

And, of course, there are some miscellaneous features and bug fixes that were updated:
  • The Real Estate VIP bug has also been fixed. Each new residential will not have the same dream job anymore.
  • More characters/spaces for floor name changes.
  • Fixed bugs with floor and shoes changing colors.
  • 32 new costumes to choice from.

Tiny Tower Guide is very pleased with Version 1.4! Cheers to Tiny Tower and NimbleBit!

HazardsPosted on August 22nd 2011
We came across an interesting list of possible improvements for Tiny Tower. I'd like to highlight the hazards and conflicts section:

A game without any form of penalties or bad sh*t happening doesn’t present much of a challenge for players. Events like building fires, burglars, complacent workers who need to be fired and evicted, and elevator repairs would make the game infinitely more deep.

We'd like to expand on a few of these:
  • Burglars: The burglar will come in like a VIP and will remove the entire stock of a given item.
  • Mishaps for Unskilled Workers: It's kind of weird how the skilled workers are nearly the same as skilled workers. If an unskilled worker (less than 5 of a given skill) is working, then stock times become longer and stock quantity decreases.
These are a few simple updates that would add more depth to the game. The first cuts profits and the latter forces the players to find skilled workers, which involves a lot more time and effort. It also becomes a bux sink as players cycle through residents as they search for skilled workers in a given area.

What are your thoughts? Answer in a comment below!

These are not actual updates. We are merely suggesting them to Tiny Tower developers and players for feedback.

Business Levels GuidePosted on August 12th 2011

You can now view our Business Levels guide to upgrading and stocking businesses!

Verison 1.3Posted on August 12th 2011
NimbleBit released Version 1.3 for Tiny Tower! Highly recommended that you upgrade because this version has some cool new features!
  • New Elevator! The days of using our slow 16 PPM gold elevator are over! The Infini-Lift Lightspeed travels at 42 PPM and costs 499 bux to upgrade! We hope you've been saving!
  • Real Estate VIP Upgraded! The Real Estate VIP has been upgraded to fill all empty bedrooms on a given floor.
  • Business Upgrades! You can now increase the "level" of your business for 3 bux. Each level allows you to stock 75 more items of each item. I upgraded my business over 30 times in search of a level limit, but there doesn't seem to be one yet. If you know any information on that, please submit it through feedback or even a comment on this post.
  • Dream Job Bonus Compromise! You now receive 2 bux for every dream job. That is one less than the game was initially released as and one more than the last update!
We're searching for the name of the new Residential floor! Feel free to leave a question or comment in the comment box. :)

Guide UpdatesPosted on August 4th 2011
We have received tons of feedback regarding typos, corrections, and requests for our guides! Thank you for submitting feedback and please continue to do so! Tiny Tower Guide wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for players like you!

The Construction Time page has been updated to show the construction costs for 137 floors. We are unsure as to how the 137th floor is possible - there are 85 businesses, 50 residences, and then the lobby which only totals 136. Can someone shed some light in either a comment or on the forums?

The Stores & Stock List now includes the Cost for each stock item. Please notice that the list is in ascending order from the least profitable stores to the most profitable stores in each section.

We're working on a few more guides that will be added within the next few days! Stay tuned! :)

© 2011 Michael Ewing
Images © NimbleBit. All Rights Reserved.

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