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Tiny Tower Game

Tiny Tower was developed by NimbleBit and was released on the App Store late June, early July in 2011. It is an addicting iPhone, iPad, and iPod game that allows the user to build a tower and micromanage the business and bitizens (citizens) in it.

The objective is to build diverse floors to attract bitizens to live and work within the building. Special events include VIP visits in which bonuses vary from construction time reductions, restocking reductions, and even buy outs. You can customize your bitizens and businesses by changing the outfits and design of the floors. It has a little BitBook, a Facebook for Tiny Tower, that allows you to see what your bitizens think of your building. Connect to Game Center and you can share the experience with your friends.

Tiny Tower Guide

With a stash of 2L Diet Coke, I was prepared to spend endless hours playing Tiny Tower and developing the guide. It wouldn't have been possible without help from close friends and contributing users. User feedback, both through email and the feedback form, has provided me with knowledge of the game beyond my current state. It will be continue to prosper as the leading Tiny Tower Guide on the internet.

© 2011 Michael Ewing
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