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TitleRepliesDateAuthorLast Post
How to Level up stock61,7861/13How to Level upNone
Workers and Stores Statistics and Revenue and Restock Time Calculator9,65711/8shindouhikaruNone
What are the best businesses?10,1627/24HearsayNone
Got a new business!40,2499/15New Update &None
Saving the Game Data...2,8781/7Saving the GameNone
New floors?3687/18MichaelNone
How many floors do you have?63,4987/9MichaelNone
Best Order of Floors184/10Kevin1None
getting bitizens to move in?81/23andyNone
Are missions worth it?411/4theballoweNone
22/24When you updateNone
Stock all vs Stock Third1711/25Kris18None
How to Cheat: Speeding up time85/24Duffie5None
Fastest elevator179/20IlovetinytowerNone
On which floor?03/7PattypanNone
When you update the game what happens02/24LolNone
Resetting floor names?412/29StitchAKA626None
stars next to floor levels? 51/28absterz967None
Post your response on how many floors you have.610/2How many floorsNone
dream jobs11/14JackNone
how do i transfer tower bucks to a friend011/17transfer tower None
How do I get friends?22/19Keli JoNone
Where did all the customers go??06/20PitaJoNone
Can you max your tower?33/8BrandonNone
Employees slacking!102/1MikeNone
Bux for fully stocking64/26annapiNone
Can't build anymore111/4BobNone
star in elevator shaft24/14jerry2xNone
I have android version, how do I upgrade stock levels?81/18MikeNone
Floral Studio Dream Job13/24KanokaVNone
Do12/4How do you fireNone
VIPs 02/19No more VIPs?None
Does it help you to upgrade the business?12/12Upgrade BusinesNone
employees22/4How do you fireNone
stars between floors112/28noneNone

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